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Innovative Purification Technologies Pty Ltd (IPT) is an Australian company that specializes in the development of separation media for large scale purification of Biopharmaceuticals. With its unique manufacturing platform and media modification technology, IPT is capable of manufacturing a wide range of agarose and non-agarose based materials with excellent separation properties. 

Our novel, cost efficient manufacturing processes enables these products to be produced at very competitive prices and the use of solvent-free methods result in safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly products. IPT's business model is to license it's product technology and processes to manufacturers of separation matrices. In this way IPT is an extension of it's clients R&D.

Innovative Purification Technologies has several years of experience in developing high quality separation media and we offer unique customized solutions to cover each of our clients' needs. 

Contact IPT if you want to discover more about our products and services Contact IPT.

IPT welcomes two new board members Hamish Hawthorn and Ard Tijsterman
IPT complies with the requirements of Quality and Environmental Management Systems; AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004, registered by Quality Control Services (Environmental), QCSE.
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